Friday, February 6, 2009

Free Edutopia magazine

Get a FREE subscription to the Edutopia Magazine.

This FREE OFFER comes from and covers "technology in education, project learning, and real world situations."

It's a trial offer, of course, meant to get you interested in the organization and its goals. And you probably will, considering coverage like this (from their website) . . .

  • "Turn on technology. Watch our short video about a school in Malden, Massachusetts, that used project learning and today’s latest technology to create an interdisciplinary lesson about the tools of yesterday. Watch the video.

  • Weigh in and join the discussion. Should we structure our schools based on the assumption that everyone should go to college? Not everyone thinks so. Join the discussion in our blog section, Spiral Notebook, and let us know what you think! Share your opinion.

  • Inspire learning and creativity. Read about the rare occasion that drew 500 students and their teachers across school district lines to attend one giant educational workshop in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hint: It has to do with project learning, do-it-yourself technology, and innovation -- and Blinkybugs. Read the article.

  • Learn about becoming a member of Edutopia. Join thousands of educators across the country who are pushing for innovation and outside-the-box thinking. As a member of Edutopia, you’ll receive valuable member benefits, including a subscription to our award-winning Edutopia magazine. Become a member."
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