Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Presentation Zen

I just ran across an article at the Cult of Pedagogy blog that reinforces some ideas that I've been sharing with my students who are in training to be anatomy and physiology professors. They're from a book by Garr Reynolds called Presentation Zen, which is all about improving presentations.

These include:
  • Tell a story: tell it, don't put it all on your slide
  • Use pictures: they help students "get it"
  • Keep each slide simple: do you want them reading the slide or listening to your story?

The blog article also includes this nifty video to summarize some of these points.

Want to know more?

The Cure for Bad PowerPoint: A Review of Presentation Zen

Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery

  • Garr Reynolds. New Riders. 2011. 312 pages.
  • The book that oullines Reynold's ideas on PowerPoint presentations.

Presentation Zen

Are your students dodging bullets?

  • Kevin Patton. The Electronic Professor. JULY 28, 2011
  • My blog article on improving slide presentations.

Handling bullets safely

  • Kevin Patton. The Electronic Professor. AUG 3, 2012
  • Another of my blog articles on improving slide presentations.


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